Odacio is a blend of Nicaraguan and East African Arabica coffees. The Nicaraguan highlands produce Arabica coffees with a fine and fresh acidity and a green apple note that turns to a distinct cereal note when you give them a long roast. Odacio also has a touch of Ethiopian coffee in the blend. It adds a refined acidity to the cup, and an elegant floral and fruity note. Together these coffees deliver great elegance in your mug.


Available in sleeves of 10. 


Nespresso Vertuoline Pod can be used in the Nespresso Vertuo Machines:

Vertuo, Vertuo Titan, Vertuo Plus & Evolvo


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  • Intensity: 7
    Cup Size: 7.77oz 
    Aromatic Profile: Bold & Lively
    Aromatic Notes: Roasted, Cereal