Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


Whatever your taste – automatic drip, espresso, or French press – you’re about to experience a new level of taste! The Cuisinart® Supreme Grind™ Automatic Burr Mill releases the maximum flavour and aroma from your favourite whole coffee beans.


Simply select a grind setting and number of cups, and with the touch of a button, the Cuisinart® Supreme Grind™ Automatic Burr Mill grinds just the right amount of coffee, then shuts off automatically.


Get ready to experience the freshest, most flavorful coffee, with Cuisinart!


1. Remove Bean Hopper lid.

2. Fill Bean Hopper to top, making sure that the lid closes securely. (Max fill is 8 ounces).

3. Plug Cord into outlet.

4. Set Grind Selector.Note: Use coarse grind for percolator/French press, medium grind for automatic drip, and fine grind for espresso.

5. Position Slide Dial to desired number of cups: 4 – 18. Take into account that, based on personal preference, you can make your coffee stronger or weaker by adjusting cup selection.

6. Press and release Power Bar to begin grinding. Please note: A safety feature of the grinder does not allow it to operate unless the hopper and grind chamber are properly in place.

7. Grinding will automatically stop upon completion.

8. To manually stop the operation, slide the Slide Dial all the way to the left to the “OFF” position and the unit will stop. To restart, repeat steps 5 & 6 above.

9. Remove Grind Chamber, make coffee, and enjoy!



Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill