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Additional filters included with spoon.

The long spoon is made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion and oxidation resistant. The set is Lead-free and BPA-free, and easy to clean, you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. The package uses upgraded EPE foam – safe, clean and ECO-friendly. The well-packed set is also the best choice for gifts.

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Luxury Design & 4-Level Filter System 
This luxurious Dujust French Press Coffee Maker is elegant and beautiful, it can be a visual enjoyment while making and drinking coffee. The 4-Level Filter System includes 1 spiral plate, 2 stainless steel mesh screens, and 1 cross plate, filtering 99.99% coffee grounds out that you can enjoy the smooth and rich-flavoured coffee. We provide 2 additional stainless steel mesh screens for you to add/replace.

High-Grade Borosilicate Glasses & Food-Grade Stainless Steel
It can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 300°F, it’s HOT & COLD RESISTANT, and refrigerator safe. You can enjoy cups of hot coffee during the winter to warm up, and iced coffee in the summer to feel more energized without worrying about cracking. The Food-Grade Stainless Steel is resistant to heat, wear, and tear, preventing from bacteria growth while being easy to clean and sanitize.

How to Clean

First, add coarse ground coffee into the pot, pouring the hot/cold water and stir, waiting for 4 minutes to let the coffee brew. Last, gently and slowly press the plunger down, and Voilà! Your coffee is ready to be served. To clean the filter system, please unscrew the plunger base from the rod. Once the rod has been removed, the base will easily lift apart for you to clean.

*Please note that it’s harder to press down with 2 screens than 1 screen only.*



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Dujust French Press

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