Reusable K Cups


More than 100+ times reuse

Our Reusable Coffee Filter can be used many times, reducing the need for disposable K Cups made from paper or low-quality plastic. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, these refillable filters are dishwasher safe and free from hazardous substances, even when exposed to hot water. The one-piece design features a high heat-resistant mesh system and a ridge-less interior for easy cleaning. With four sides of food-grade mesh filters, this cup ensures a rich and mellow coffee flavor. For a finer brew, you can add a paper filter according to your preference. Save on coffee brewing expenses with our durable and efficient reusable K Cups.

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BPA Free pp & Stainless Steel Mess

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    The Perfect Pod EZ-Scoop Coffee Scooper & Funnel is designed for use with reusable K Cup refillable coffee pods. With a 2-tablespoon capacity, it ensures precise measurements for a perfect brew every time. The integrated funnel feature allows for easy, mess-free transfer of coffee grounds into your pods. Simplify your coffee-making process with this ergonomic and convenient tool.

Reusable K Cups