Vanilla Custard Pie

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Vanilla flavour easing into round, smooth Latin American and African Arabicas – that’s BARISTA CREATIONS Vanilla Custard Pie. A medium-dark, quick roast of Brazilian beans brings roundness and sweetness, whilst Ethiopian coffee in the second split brings delicate aromatics to the blend and adds a certain finesse. Nespresso split roast the coffees in this blend – it develops the beans to deliver an incredibly rounded coffee with a soft biscuit note. When Nespresso adds in the creamy vanilla flavour, it creates a silky, smooth-textured coffee.


Available in sleeves of 10. Cases contain 6 boxes of 10 pods each.


Nespresso Vertuoline Pod can be used in the Nespresso Vertuo Machines:

Vertuo, Vertuo Titan, Vertuo Plus & Evolvo

Roast Profile


Roast: Medium
Cup Size: 7.77oz
Aromatic Profile:Sweet & Velvety
Aromatic Notes: Vanilla flavoured



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sleeve (10 pods), case (6 boxes)

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Vanilla Custard Pie

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