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About Our Coffees


Our coffees come from all over the world. Our Roasters ethically source 100% Arabica green coffee beans on the international coffee commodity market. When we place a coffee order, we place it with you in mind to ensure we receive conscientious, premium quality coffee.

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Our roasters buy fair-trade coffee from all over the world, from Jamaica, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, from the North to South and East to West. 


We have a number of blends - Island Blend, Breakfast Blend, Caribbean House Blend, Italia Espresso, and Jamaican Blue Mountain Style. Just like a good recipe, these blends are a mix of 2–5 beans blended, to obtain a desired taste profile. 


Single Origins

Sourced from a single geographic location, these beans go through the unique growing conditions of their region, resulting in distinct and complex flavour profiles that are highly desirable.


Our single origin coffees like Mexican Altura, Rwanda Misozi, Nicaragua Matagalpa, Indian Monsoon Malabar, Colombian Supremo, etc., each carry distinguishable and more nuanced flavours providing a premium coffee experience. 

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